Corporate Social Responsibility


Megasoft Solutions approaches corporate social responsibility deliberately – in order to make sure a sustainable future for society and its precious clients. By emphasizing our talent, technology, and capital on education as well as entrepreneurship, we endeavor to enact positive social revolutionize through economic growth, job creation, modernism, and community.

We believe that the private sector plays an essential role in making a level playing field, driving innovation, and creating an environment that augments education and entrepreneurship to encourage economic growth.

Our social investment approach is completely based on our vision to help the world operate better and enhancing people’s lives.


Besides, we have adopted a responsible approach towards the Green Environment and lowering our carbon footmark. For example, we are

  • Reducing power use in all offices, mainly by turning off electrical equipment every evening
  • Recycling used toner cartridges
  • Diminishing paper use, containing only printing necessary documents, recycling scarp paper as note paper, installing duplex printers to allow double sided printing
  • Sorting waste – plastic, paper, and cardboard – for compilation by local authorities
  • Minimizing the effects of travel by asking staff mostly to use web conferencing