Compliance Management

Compliance Survey

  • 30% of organizations don’t know how often they audit compliance or don’t measure it
  • 80% of organizations either have no system or just a manual system for managing thousands of compliance documents
  • 44% of organizations are trying to manage over 5,000 compliance documents, each with different expiry dates
  • Almost 50% of companies did not remove suppliers for non-compliance because they could not track it well enough
  • Source: Compliance Management Survey carried out by IPcubed and iCiX during May, 2016

Compliance Maturity Model

Why Compliance Management ?

Our Compliance Software - USP

  • Centralized Repository

    The scanned uploads are stored as Blogs in the database itself

  • Minimal Data Entry Load on all Users

    Scheduler automatically creates Compliances. Closing a compliance takes less than a minute

  • Scalability

    Adding new locations, compliances, users, departments etc is pretty easy

  • High Security

    Runs on standard IBM platform and Tomcat; Role Based security;

    Database Security: compatible with IBM DB2 and Oracle databases

  • Escalations and Reminders

    Multiple Escalation Hierarchies can be created

  • Reporting

    Compliances can be filtered on Location, Compliance Status, Regulator, Department, Location,Compliance Name etc.

  • All reports can be exported to Excel or PDF Formats