• Dedicated Payroll Expertise

    Global Payroll is our business and our employees are recognized as global experts. We provide a global scale view with local expertise providing single point of contact.

  • Multi-Country Payroll Consolidation

    Standardized practices across all multi-continent locations enable our customers to retain control of payroll costs and payroll processes.

  • Automation and Integration

    Our Payroll system is a SaaS based platform. It gives our clients ability to upgrade solution that best suits their needs.

  • Globally Compliant

    Our solution ensures that our clients are globally compliant with all the regulations in all countries that they operate.

  • Customized Payroll & HRMS Solutions

    Our solutions are designed to suit the needs of the business and market dynamics. The solution offered is more efficient, transparent, and automated.

Megasoft Payroll – Benefits at a Glance

Our Payroll Services

Our services include the following elements which may be customized to your Company’s needs:

  • Registration/actualization of employees & contractors data at the Social Security Offices
  • Calculation of civil contracts, as well as remuneration of Board Members by resolution
  • Preparation of coded salary e-pay slips
  • Preparation of payment details of salaries in form of an electronic file to be uploaded to your company’s e-banking system
  • Preparation of spreadsheets for the interface of your company’s accounting software in the provided format
  • Preparation of payment details to the local authorities
  • Preparation and e-submission of monthly social security returns
  • Preparation and e-submission of your company's annual tax returns
  • Preparation of work service certificates

Payroll Processing – How It’s Done ?

  • Processing of payroll information, calculation of staff remuneration upon receipt of data (including bonus systems, fringe benefits, overtime based on complete and accurate work time evidence)
  • Preparation and provision of monthly pay slips
  • Implementation and processing of the data of the employer and the employees into Megasoft’s payroll system
  • Collection, coordination and verification of all permanent employer/employee data
  • Collection and review of the monthly input data, including amendments of salary, overtime work per employee, sickness, vacation, one-time bonuses and so on
  • Upload of bank transfer instructions for net salaries, social security, wage tax and more
  • Retention, archiving and filing of all data related to the employer/employees and the underlying employment
  • Full scope of social security administration
  • Processing specific/additional payroll-related requests
  • Preparation of payment overviews
  • Preparing monthly analysis of the gross and net wages, social premiums, wage tax, individual payroll slips, bookkeeping journal and so on
  • Calculation and payment of travel expenses in close liaison with the client’s accounting department
  • Managing perks, benefits and tax rebates for employees