Machine Learning and Human Resource Management System

Machine learning is a part of artificial intelligence (AI) that gives systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being programmed by someone else. Machine learning stresses on the innovation of computer programs that can access data and use it learn for themselves. Though Machine learning has not taken its vast role in HRMS as in marketing, healthcare & communications fields, still machine learning has grown its roots in HRMS also. Because of advances in the technology, the employee performance and employee retention can be enhanced.


Let’s see the applications of Machine Learning in respect of Human Resource Management System:-

Following Applicants & Doing their Assessment- One of the important application of Machine learning is applicant tracking and assessment, this tool helps tracking the applicants applied for particular job openings. This tool keeps the record of the whole interview journey of the applicant, their performance and helps in speeding up the process and giving quick feedback to applicants. This tool helps HR and Management to hire a new team easily. when there are lots of applicants and job openings are not that much, this tool helps HR & management a lot in recognizing the talent.


Recognizing & Attracting Talent- It is very important to recognize and attract talent before hiring, here ML tools plays a big role. Nowadays almost all the job finding sites are using Machine learning tool to find the right candidate, they use similar algorithms to build interaction maps based on users’ data from previous searches, connections, posts, and clicks.

Employee Retention- ML is a tool that improves the system by analyzing the user activities, as it helps in selecting the right candidate without any compromises. It improves the system with human touch, thus helps in solving problems occurring to employees.

Performance Development- Machine learning is boosting individual skill management and development. ML performs various types of assessments and also gives feedback for making the improvements. Workday is just one example of a company building personalized training recommendations for employees based on a company’s needs, market trends, and employee specifics.

Machine Learning is evolving more and more in the field of HRMS , so much more to come in future as its applications for example Enterprise Management, Post-Hire Outcome Algorithms,  Internal Management Increased Behavior Tracking and Data-Based Decision Making.


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